I discovered succulents on a trip to Arizona for a wedding.  I love botanical gardens, so we visited the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  I was transfixed.  I asked one of the horticulturalists how they got the cacti and the succulents to flower and be so amazing!  He said, “water.” He went on to tell me how to pot succulents like the desert.  I took my new fascination with succulents back to the Midwest, and the rest is history!  Actually, my kids and I painted mugs for our art themed spring break 2 years ago.  We went to the nursery and bought 11 succulents to go in 11 painted mugs.  If I hadn’t been already smitten, those mugs would have done the trick.  So cute!!  So perfect in the windows!!  So Succulent!!!  I now have a couple of hundred succulents and cacti.  My favorite is the crassulas, or the kalenchoes, or the haworthias.  In truth, I can’t pick a favorite succulent any more than I could pick a favorite kid!!  I love them all!  I want to share my experience and love of Succulents with you!